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Link Checker Free Edition 2.0

A program for web links validation and checking page rank and traffic
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Using the Link Checker program will ensure that you will never have broken links on your websites and that you will have confidence about the popularity of your links, their validation and verification and traffic rank. This useful tool is easy to install and has a wizard-based Windows style interface that couldn't be simpler to navigate. There are wizards if you need them, to guide you through the process of importing and exporting your links and for creating new projects. Once you've created a new project and have added or imported your links, they are displayed in the program's Links window for viewing. It is possible to check a single link's visibility, page and traffic ranking by simply double clicking on a specific link. To check all of the links listed in a project, click on the Start Checking button beneath the viewing window. This action will prompt the program to display the results you want in the Links window including the last checking time. On the display panel, there is also the Reports tab. Clicking on the Refresh button will display a report that shows project titles, the number of links in the project and keeps a record of the time and date that the project was last checked at. When you are finished working with a particular project, it can be saved and your reports can be printed out. Using the Preferences feature you can select the number of pages you wish to allocate to reports. The Preferences menu has the General tab from which you can also create a new project or load the latest one. The Connection tab stores your preferred DNS server details, and another tab, the Filters tab, is used in relation to importing links. Here you can create filters for links that you do not wish to be listed or imported, links that include .zip files, perhaps. The Free Edition of Link Checker is limited to 100 links, whereas the Pro Edition features unlimited number of links.

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